fredag 28 december 2007

More socks on the way

I joined the StickaMeras Sockklubb. I'm really looking forward to this. One pair of socks a month is the goal.

I had a lovely Christmas and (and bitrthday as well) I got some really nice gifts; apart from a contribution to the dental bill I got digital scales, some vintage knitting patterns, a webpage of my own (not an easy choice to decide on a webadress name) that I'm working on and I will tell you more about later.
I also got the KnitPicks Interchangeble circular needles set with 8 needles from 3,5 mm to 8 mm, and 4 cables 60 cm, 80 cm, 120 cm and 152 cm and a case with plastic pockets.
What more do you need? I am thrilled and I can't wait to get started.

fredag 21 december 2007

Christmas gifts all done

Finnaly I can focus on my own knitting projects once all Christmas gifts are done.

Here are my latest projects:
Stella's Hat

Pattern: Stella's Hat from Melissa Lynn at Knitting School Dropout

Yarn: Merino from Garnstudio

Needles: 4,5 mm circs + dpns

I frogged the gigantic beret to knit this instead and so far I really think that was a good decision. This is also a moss stich hat. I will get a moss sitch hat in the end...

Birch (Björk eller "skiraste sjalen")

Pattern: Birch from Rowan # 34 (på svenska finns mönstert hos ica-kuriren då kallad Skiraste sjalen)
Yarn: Kauni Lace (1-ply 90% wool, 10 % acryl)
Needles: 4,5 mm

My first attempt on a lace yarn shawl with a lace patern. So far so good. The pattern is easy to remember and the yarn nice to knit.

söndag 9 december 2007

More mitts

Here is one pair that is going to be a Christmas gift.

And here's another pair.

I used Karisma from Garnstudio and there wasn't enough yarn to knit the cuffs in the same colour. So instead of running down to the yarn shop I decided that the different-coloured cuffs could be a clever way to practice left from right.

And finally here are the Squirrily Swedish Mittens. They need a good blocking and then they are ready for wrapping.