söndag 24 juni 2007

the result

I started on Monkey sock with the Kool-Aid dyed yarn. I got some new ideas on how to dye it next time.

onsdag 20 juni 2007

Kool-Aid + Fabel = ?

I tried dyeing some yarn today for the first time. I used four packages of Kool-Aid for 100 grams of yarn. I had bought two balls of the very affodable Fabel (21 swedish kronor for one 50 gram ball!), but it's 75 % superwash wool and 25 % polyamid so I didn't know how it would work.
So far it's looking good. Hanging to dry in the bathroom.

måndag 18 juni 2007


I've started on the socks for Sockapalooza. It's going to be a pair of white Zonki socks.

torsdag 14 juni 2007

Trying hard

I'm really trying hard to use up all my sockyarn left overs.
This is a small phone bag knitted with two 2,5 mm needles. I used the knit one, slip one, knit one, slip one .... turn, knit one slip one, knit one , slip one... method (like a large I-cord) creating an inside out bag.
When it was as long as I needed I used a third needle to open it up and turn it right side out. Then I bound off one side and continued with the flap on the other side. On the end of the flap a did a button hole.

onsdag 13 juni 2007


I call him Ormis.
And I think he's got a brother.

fredag 8 juni 2007

Socks for Peter

This is a toe-up pattern I found that I changed to a regular sock. I used 2,5 mm dpns and Fabel sock yarn from Garnstudio.

onsdag 6 juni 2007

The kids today

the cool boys in the kitchen

the cute boys in the kitchen

A run in front of our house

Later we went to Slottskogen for a picnic.

måndag 4 juni 2007

Thermal news

The progress so far on my Thermal sweater. I've used up all the first three yarns I got from my Hemlis, but I found yarn from the same dyelot as the first in a shop here in Gothenburg.

fredag 1 juni 2007

Hemlispresent 2!

This is what I received the other day from my Hemliskompis. Two Kido Mohair, one book (no, I haven't read it, but I started on it last night), one tiny cute rabbit and some nicely coloured safety pins. Thank you, thank you !
I'm not sure what to do with the yarn yet, but I have some ideas...and no, I haven't got a clue who you are.