lördag 31 mars 2007

the second pair fabel socks

They look so thin and long, but the are very elastic.

torsdag 29 mars 2007

Clessidra progress

This how far I've come with the first of my Clessidra knee socks. It's a very fun sock to knit. Just enough change in the pattern to prevent me from being bored with it, but at the same time it's not too complicated.

söndag 25 mars 2007

Weekend in the country

This week end the kids and their granddad went to the cottage in the country. I'll have to warn you. There are lots of pictures today.

The cottage.

We checked how the vegetables were doing. Not much to see yet. Some parsley and rhubarb.

The out door furniture had to be scrubbed and washed after many months in storage.

Out walking with a sward...

Helping out with the washing.

I got a chance to take a photo of Backyard Leaves in day light.

We went to the neighbours to look at the new born lambs and found out it was wool cutting week end. They didn't use to wool themselves so I got to take what ever I wanted.

Some black very soft "Rya", some gray "Gute" and...

Some light wool that I don't remember what it was.

This is how much wool I now have in my living room right now, just waiting for me to take care of it all. What shall I do?

onsdag 21 mars 2007

Backyard Leaves

That was it. It's done. Blocked and sewn together. As always, these indoor photos never show the right colour. The top photo is the more accurate, I think.
Now I can concentrate all my energy and free time (that is during my lunch at work, on the tram to and from work / picking up the kids at day care and in front of the TV) on my sock knitting.

måndag 19 mars 2007

New socks

This is how far I've come with Clessidra knee sock. The colour is more dark green than in this photo. The yarn is from Marks & Kattens; Strompe & Jumpergarn (shade 1753).
I'm starting to get the hang of the pattern now. First time round it became a total mess and I had to redo it. I had printed out the pattern from my computer in such a way that the hourglass cable didn't fit on the paper and I kept knitting the cable without the two first stitches in every round. I couldn't figure out why I had two stitches left at the end of the round.

This is the beginning of a new pair of socks in Garnstudion Fabel yarn. My dad kindly asked for a second pair of sock like the red ones I gave him. What do you think of the colours, Gunnar? It reminds me of Skogsmulle. A pair to wear for walks in the forest.

Look out!

He's big, he's bad, he's dangerous to know. Look out for Batman!

fredag 16 mars 2007


My blog roll grew too big to be in my sidebar. So I decided to post them and make a link to this post in my sidebar instead. If you spot anything wrong, like a blog placed under the wrong country or something, please let me know. These are my knit related blogs:

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That's it for now

torsdag 15 mars 2007

Strumpis 2.0

I promised my older son a pair of socks when I knitted socks to his brother. Now they are done. I made these more elastic with a purl 2, knit 2 rib. The first pair of Strumpis tended to work it's way off the foot. I hope this will work out better. And not be found as a uncomfortable mess on the top of the toes when the shoes are taken off.
This is Strumpis 2.0 on a very tired boy.

onsdag 14 mars 2007

I'm thinking about knitting the Classidra knee sock from the new Knitty. I've joined a Clessidra KAL.

tisdag 13 mars 2007


I got my sockbyte socks today. Siglinde in Bergen has knitted these amazing socks from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. Thank you again, Siglinde!

måndag 12 mars 2007

Can you see what it is now?

I did the last bit late last night. I couldn't stop until he was finally ready. Can you see what it is now?

He's even got his own scarf.

söndag 11 mars 2007

Guess the animal!

After my first crocheted animal was done, wrapped up and given away as a gift to a new born baby, my sons wanted me to do some more for them. First my youngest son had a request. This is how it looks so far. Can you guess what animal he wanted me to do?

torsdag 8 mars 2007

10 leaves so far

This is how far I've come with the Backyard Leaves scarf. I'm using Karisma from Garnstudio and a pair of 4 mm needles. It's running along quite smoothly I think. You have to repeat rows 9 - 28 eleven times on one half of the scarf (you knit two halves and put them together in the middle so that the leaves fall in the same direction when you put it round your neck) and eleven times on the other half.

onsdag 7 mars 2007


New Knitty out now. I have already seen a few interesting things, a few nice looking pairs of socks and a hooded sweater for kids.

tisdag 6 mars 2007

Hemlis frågor och svar

1. Vilken sorts garn tycker du mest om? (Ull, akryl, osv.) Är det något material du absolut inte tycker om?

Alpacka och ull.

2. Vilka är dina favoritfärger?

Grön och lila just nu.

3. Är det någon färg du absolut inte tycker om?


4. Vilken sorts stickor tycker du bäst om/ använder du helst? (Trä, metall, plast? Rundstickor, raka, strumpstickor?)

Sort beror på vad jag ska sticka, hur mycket jag vill att garnet ska glida på stickorna, men jag använder rundstickor framför vanliga raka. Jag skulle vilja prova magic loop till strumpor.

5. Hur länge har du stickat? Anser du dig vara nybörjare, avancerad eller mittemellan?


6. Dricker du kaffe? Te?

Kaffe och Te (inte grönt te).

7. Är du allergisk mot något?


8. Vilken slags musik tycker du om?

Mycket. Just nu lyssnar jag på Damien Rice, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco, Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Magic Numbers, Franz Ferdinand, Anna Ternheim, Arab Strap med flera.

9. Favoritgodis?


10. Håller du på med någon annan "skapande hobby", förutom stickning? (spinna, scrapbooking, virkning osv.)

Virkar lite, vill gärna spinna och färga garn.

11. Vad tycker du är roligast att sticka? Mössor? Sjalar? Tröjor? osv...

Mindre projekt som inte tar för lång tid. Har nyss upptäckt charmen med att sticka strumpor, vilket jag tycker är jättekul.

12. Prenumererar du på någon sticktidning?


13. Har du något drömprojekt på önskelistan?

Flera...Union Square Market Sweater (Interweave Knits), Rusted Root och Wicked (Zephyr Style).

14. Använder du pulsvärmare/ handledsvärmare? I så fall, vad är ditt handledsmått?

Nja...handledsmåttet är 16 cm.

15. Tycker du om att sticka pulsvärmare?


16. Stickar du sockor?


17. Vad har du för fotstorlek? (T.ex. längd, omkrets på tjockaste stället.)

Storlek 38. Längd 24 cm.

18. När fyller du år?

23:e december

19. Stickar du med pärlor?

Jag har inte provat det än. Grumperinas Odessa-mössa (MagKnits) finns på önskelistan.

20? Vilka slags böcker (ej stickning) läser du helst? (Deckare? Fakta? Romaner?)

Deckare och romaner. Favoritförfattare är Nick Hornby, Val McDermid, Tony Parsons, Patrick Suskind.


I have joined Hemlis! (secret pal) at Sticka Mera. I will post all my answers to the Hemlis questions soon.

söndag 4 mars 2007


My crocheting atempts resulted in this little Figur. I haven't read Happy Hooker where there is a pattern, but I have been looking at Camilla Engman's crochet characters for inspiration.

Son in sweater

My son in his sweater playing with the head of my crocheted animal. The animal has a body, a head, two ears, two arms and one half of a leg so far.

lördag 3 mars 2007

Pale white legs

This is my father in his new socks. You can't see it but he has pulled the legs of his trousers up a bit to show the socks. He does have trousers on.

The socks are made in Fabel yarn from the Garnstudio. Same as to my youngest son. It's 2k, 2p rib. Knit on 2,5 mm dpns.

the ipod vest

The last couple of days I have been knitting like crazy. I decided to give my dad a pair of socks for his birthday. But I couldn't post any pictures. I had made a ipod vest before which I now can show you here. And there will be pictures of the socks as well.