tisdag 1 maj 2007

Tooth ache

I haven't done much knitting the last few days. I have been suffering from a really bad tooth ache. I had to go to the emergency dentist on Saturday. Two times! And now I have to eat painkillers all the time. I have an appointment to my regular dentist soon, but I need to changed it to "very soon", but with May the first and Valborg I can't get hold of him....

I have managed to finish my orange shawl and begin the Thermal sweater using the alpaca yarn I got from my Hemlis pal.

2 kommentarer:

Ilsefin sa...

Ajaj! Tandvärk är vidrigt!

Hoppas att du snart får tag på din tandis och att han fixar allt i ett kick!

sussry sa...

Åh, din stackare! Tandvärk är inget kul. Hoppas du får hjälp mycket snart.