tisdag 3 juli 2007


I've been away for almost a week. A colleague and I went to Tenerife to visit a rehabilitation center called Vintersol. They treat kids with Juvenil Idiopatic Arthritis, and some of the kids are treated by us as well. We met the occupaional therapists there to develope a collaboration. 

We stayed in a part of the island called Los Cristianos. This was the view from the hotel balcony.

In the background you can see the landscape. There are hundreds of volcanoes on the Island.

And here I am infront of the biggest vulcano on Tenerife, Teide.

2 kommentarer:

katarinaw sa...

Jag ska åka till Tenerife i januari! Mor fyller 60, så vi ska åka dit bara jag, min syster och mamma.

Jojo sa...

Där har jag och pojkvännen varit också!