onsdag 8 augusti 2007

Somebody stop me!

I can't stop casting on for new projects. I blame Ravelry! There's too many nice patterns, and too many beautiful photos. I just had to start on a neckwarmer.

This is knit with a ball of yarn my mum bought me from Erikshjälpen and it cost 5 sewdish kronor (less than a dollar). It's Kid Alpaca Mohair.
The pattern is Cashmere Neckwarmer from Kim at Yarnabuse.

But you can't knit with that long needles on the tram or bus so I started on these socks (only to have a bus and tram project). It's a Fabel yarn and the pattern is from Garnstudio, here in swedish and in english.

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Monica H sa...

Svårt anfall av 'startitis'? *skrattar*

Sköna garner!