söndag 25 mars 2007

Weekend in the country

This week end the kids and their granddad went to the cottage in the country. I'll have to warn you. There are lots of pictures today.

The cottage.

We checked how the vegetables were doing. Not much to see yet. Some parsley and rhubarb.

The out door furniture had to be scrubbed and washed after many months in storage.

Out walking with a sward...

Helping out with the washing.

I got a chance to take a photo of Backyard Leaves in day light.

We went to the neighbours to look at the new born lambs and found out it was wool cutting week end. They didn't use to wool themselves so I got to take what ever I wanted.

Some black very soft "Rya", some gray "Gute" and...

Some light wool that I don't remember what it was.

This is how much wool I now have in my living room right now, just waiting for me to take care of it all. What shall I do?

5 kommentarer:

Gunnar E sa...

Very Niiiice ...

dad e

Peter Nordstrand sa...

Hm… jag vaknade i morse och undrade varför det luktade så konstigt från vardagsrummet. /Maken

Strumpstickan sa...

Oj, nu kan du spinna kanske?


sussry sa...

Oj vilken massa ull. Härliga bilder. Det skriker vår om dem.

AnnaA sa...

Vet du hur man tar hand om ullen? Sånt skulle jag vilja lära mig nån gång... Men det finns inga får i min närhet. :(
Lycka till!