söndag 1 april 2007

No tattoo!!

Once my second pair of 2,5 mm dpn's were free I could start on my very first Jaywalkers. I tried to knit one pair a long time ago, but back then I didn't know how to knit the heel. I got stuck, and finally I ripped them up. Now it shouldn't be a problem. I like the pattern a lot.

The kids was invited to a birthday party yesterday. It was held at a place called Önskeleken (the wishing game). Everything is taken care of by the staff there. The get the usual korv med bröd (sausage with bread) and cake and there is a padded adventure play-room were all the kids run around screaming. It's hysterical.
My youngest (and most sensible) son didn't want to go. He had been there once before and it was a bit too much for him.

In the goodie bag they got when they were leaving I saw a tattoo.
I told him: "There is a tattoo in the bag!"
He said: "I don't want a tattoo..."
I: "Why not?"
He said : " ... there is a needle when you make a tattoo, and I don't want to be stung by a needle..."
I think his day care friend with tattoo artist parents have explained to him all about the art of making tattoos.
I told him that this wasn't a real one, more like a sticker. This is what it looked like.

the looking tough look.

and the looking kind look.

8 kommentarer:

Bettan sa...

Nu undrar jag vad du gjort med ullen?

Bettan sa...

Charmig son!

Ida sa...

Såg du mitt mail?

sussry sa...

Härlig min på sonen.

Ida sa...

Om stickning ikväll... Ring gärna.

Leah sa...

Great jaywalkers!

Oh & what a cute story about your son!!

riikka n sa...

That yarn seems to go really well with the Jaywalker pattern. Looking great!

Donna sa...

I enjoyed your pictures and the sheep shearing was great. Good luck with your spinning.