fredag 20 april 2007

shawl for mum

I got a great tip from the owner of 2Knit yarn-shop here in Gothenburg. She showed me a shawl she made with lots of different yarn. All knit with 10mm needles. It looked gorgeous. I know my mother wants a light shawl so I bought a few yarns with different qualities, different texture and thickness. I can't wait to start knitting this one!

3 kommentarer:

Dödergök sa...

Ska bli spännande att se den när den är klar, bilden gjorde mig väldigt nyfiken. :)

colleen sa...

Oooh---I bet it's going to look great. Start it! Start it! We want to see your progress.

Donna sa...

The shawl will be lovely. Can't wait to see pics. The socks looked great on your son! Don't you love having a local yarn shop. I have one in the next town over. Just magical.