fredag 23 februari 2007

...and by the way I think it's UGLY.

The body of the seamless yoke sweater.

My son: Why are you always knitting sweaters for me?
Me: Well, I never finished the first one I knitted for you. You haven't got ANY knitted sweaters from me yet.
My son: But I want a blue sweater.
Me: It's going to be much more blue on the top of the sweater and in in a nice pattern.
My son: Hummm....and by the way I think it's UGLY!

This is an attempt to knit a seamless yoke sweater according to Elizabeth Zimmermann's percentage system.
I'm using a 2-ply wool yarn. 164 stitches on a 4 mm circular needle. I have started on one of the sleeves as well (pictures to come soon). It's quite quick to knit so far. When it's time to connect the sleeves and the body I might run into some more time consuming knitting.
We'll have to see if my oldest son will wear it when it's finished. If not, his brother might.

2 kommentarer:

Ida sa...

Det är ju inte alltid man uppskattar den fina ärligheten hos barn...

Strumpstickan sa...

Not ugly at all! Just add a little pirate somewhere.... *lol*