lördag 3 februari 2007

the story of a Monster Beret

Once upon a time a young beret was born. At first it was hard to see how this creature would turn out. It looked nice and friendly, circling around it's needle.

Little did we know that later that very same day after feeding on almost 100 g of Karisma wool yarn it would grow into such a monster.

It had to be put down. The old ripping lady took care of it. The next morning the monster was gone. Hopefully a new beret will be born. One that looks more like Ilsefin's beautiful brown beret.

1 kommentar:

Elin sa...

Du är bra rolig du goding...du får helt enkelt fråga Ilsefin hur hon har stickat. Såg i tidningen i morse att de har stickcafé på frölunda kulturhus, vore inte det kul att gå dit någon gång!